Maybe you own a company and need writing assistance for marketing objectives. Or perhaps, as an individual, you feel the need to tell and preserve the story of your family history. These are projects I have experience with and take pleasure in creating.

Services Offered:

Media Releases – to promote you, your business, product or service

Articles – either with my byline, or ghostwritten for an individual

Personal/Family Story Writing – about an individual, ancestry, heirloom, or place

Blog Writing – assistance with editing, or creating a series of posts for you to have at the ready

Marketing Materials – from brochures to sell sheets

Editing Service – copy editing, development, fact checking, proof reading

Ghostwriting – books, articles, blogs, and more

Newsletter Content

Website Content


Please contact me for project pricing. Pricing depends on the project’s scope, including number of interviews, travel if necessary, amount of copy, etc. I provide a written estimate of services. My clients are never surprised with my final charges – only with the results and positive response they receive from their clients.

Monthly Retainer Package:

A monthly retainer provides on-going support for individuals or companies that want regular news releases written; content writing for blogs, writing/editing of books or family history documents.  A minimum of 8 hours per month is required for a retainer.

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